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United Nation Association - GHANA

We members of the United Nations Association – Ghana believing and committing ourselves to the aims and purposes of the United Nations as enshrine in the Charter of the World Organization and lucidly articulated by the constitution of the World Federation of the United Nations Association as well as in the peace objectives of all PEACE loving people of the world

The United Nations Organization (UNO) as a global arbiter for peace and an instrument for the conduct of global security and understanding has A much more greater obligations to let its aims and objectives as well as its challenges be known to a wider section of the global population
At the very inception of the UNO, there was enthusiasm to get this on track. In 1946, a year after the formation of the UN, a number of non-governmental organizations sprang up to rally international support for the world body. These organizations met in Luxemburg and established the world Federation of United Nations Association (WFUNA) with a view to making it a people movement for the UN and to devote its resources exclusively to the advantage of the UN.

In essence, therefore, the existence of the United Nations Association is based on the proposition that without the widest possible understanding and appreciation of as well as participation in and support for the activities and programmes of the UN by the people, the world body would achieve very little

It is in line with these objectives that the United Nations Association – Ghana (UNA-GH) was formed and designed to actively disseminate information about the purpose and work of the UN to the wider Ghanaian public.

It was also to work hand in hand with the Government of Ghana to find solutions to problems concerning peace and giving expression to the wishes of the people again, UNA- Ghana was established to, among other things, encourage the feeling of solidarity and promote international co-operation among people of the world.

UNA-Ghana has a unique role to play in:

  • Disseminating information and educational materials about the UN
  • Lobbying the government, political parties and interest groups in support of the UN
  • Conducting research and academic initiatives such as Model UN conferences and seminars
  • Motivating the media to provide frequent and accurate coverage of the UN and its programs
  • Collaborating with other civil society organizations, local UN offices, private sector and other partners on projects related to the work of the UN
  • Commemorating UN Days through public events

Internationally, UNA-Ghana collaborates with other UNAs through bilateral and multilateral projects in various issue areas, as well as participating in global programs run by the WFUNA Secretariat.
UNA-Ghana is a Non-governmental and a Civil Society Organization with Registration  N0.G,1892 under the Ghana’s Registrar General’s Department Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179).


The UNA-GHANA in collaboration with UN and WFUNA has strengthened efforts in pursuit of its priorities in Ghana under these four key MDGs Projects:
  1. Skills Development in Entrepreneurship, ICT, and Modern and Scientific Agriculture.
  2. Sustainable Development, focusing on Climate change.
  3. Human Rights, focusing on the promotion of the Rights of Women, Children and the Physically-Challenged.
  4. Peace and Security with a special focus on Peace-building and Conflict Management.